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Everyone have to have one . Especially now days and now that winter is close Every House need to have this ....

muy buen articulo

feliz con mi oximetro.. llego a tiempo, y facil de usar . muy importante tenerlo en hogares .

It's really portable

My husband found some blood pressure problems when he went to the hospital for examination last time. But he often works late and doesn't eat on time. So I started to bring him lunch and dinner. I looked at the blood pressure monitor and decided to buy it. Because there is a two person information storage system. I finished the test for my husband before I went to bed. The data is similar to that measured by the doctor. It's accurate and reliable. It's really portable, and it doesn't take up space for travel or work.

Highly recommended

I've always had a blood pressure problem. But I'm impatient to make an appointment with the doctor and go to the queue. When I saw this monitor online, I thought of the online doctor online service. As long as at home monitoring data to the doctors, they give me prescription drugs, which is much more convenient. After I bought it, I tested it, which is not much different from the data measured by the doctor. It's accurate. After receiving it, it was found that the volume was really small and easy to carry. Highly recommended.

It's a product worth buying

My father is in his 70s and a little weak. I've always wanted to buy him a blood pressure monitor, but I'm afraid it's too heavy for him to use alone. This monitor is great. It is small and light. The display reading is very large and easy to use. The reading process is fast. The readings are also very accurate. I'm very relieved to see that Dad can use it alone. It's a product worth buying!

Works perfectly, good value

Easy to use with large letters. Alerted my 88 year old mother that her BP was quite high and needed immediate attention. I give it 5 stars.

Value is very high

I finished the test when I received it at the beginning. Then driving to the hospital for testing, found that the index difference of more than 20. But I immediately took it out and tested it again and found that the index was only 2. It has to be said that this instrument is so small but so accurate. This is something I didn't expect. They can also test their data and memorize them. This feature is really cool. So I can monitor with my wife. Value is very high! Highly recommended!!

Gives a sense of security.

Easy to use. My husband is on high like pressure medication and has heart issues. Wanted to have bp info to report to his doctor since office visits in gold during the pandemic.

The quality is very good

This blood pressure monitor is very easy to use. The speed of the test reading is very fast. The readings are also accurate. It's basically similar to the data measured by the doctor. I wish that cuff would be bigger. The quality is very good. I highly recommend buying this blood pressure monitor.

Absolutely amazing blood pressure monitor

I never thought such a small monitor could be so accurate. Absolutely amazing blood pressure monitor! There are also obvious colors to tell you about your health. This is really a very good product.

High accuracy

After receiving this monitor, it was found to be easy to use. And it's equipped with device batteries. Most people don't have it. There is not much difference between the reading and that given by the doctor. High accuracy. The font is very big, and it is very convenient for the elderly to use. I plan to buy another one for my father.

great blood pressure monitor, very convenient

I am 70 years old. went to the hospital in great pain, so when they took my blood pressure it was high. doctor told me to take meds. I bought the monitor so I could check it myself at any time. So far so good, my BP is normal, even when I get frustrated at the dog.I wasn't too keen on taking meds if I don't really need them.

It's a very accurate reading

My previous blood pressure monitor read more than 20 units higher than the doctor's reading. I had to buy a new one. It's nice to see this one. After receiving it, take it to the doctor for test. The reading is only 2 units short. It's a very accurate reading. In this way, you can email the data to the doctor later. No need to make an appointment to go to the hospital. Highly recommended.


I bought it for my grandma Bc her doctor told her to check her blood pressure everyday for a record. my grandma said she likes this one more than the one that put right on her arm. Bc it is really easy to use, even though my grandma can handle by herself.

just what I was looking for

This BP monitor was just the right size with just the right features. I have larger wrists than most women and this fit with room to spare. It gives the results plain and simple and not confusing at all

The accuracy is also very high

This monitor has a zipper bag of good quality. It can be put in after use. It won't be lost accidentally. It's also very small and can be used for travel and work. The store also sent batteries. I really feel that the service is great. The accuracy is also very high. Compared with the reading given by the doctor, it is almost the same.

It's a very good instrument.

This is a very accurate instrument, provided that the measurement must be carried out step by step according to the instructions. In this way, you have to come out with accurate data. The color system can let you directly see the physical condition. It's a very good instrument.

Compact/Easy to use/excellent

Its memory feature is handy for comparing readings. I like the large numbers so it is easy to read. It is simple to use.

It's good for your health.

My job makes me suffer from blood pressure. But the nature of work requires frequent business trips. I can only buy this easy to carry monitoring instrument. For this reason, I checked with the doctor that it is an accurate and precise instrument. So I can easily monitor my blood pressure when I am on a business trip. If someone is the same as me, it is highly recommended to buy one. It's good for your health.

Great wrist monitor

The puruizt wrist monitor is great. It keeps a true reading. I would recommend this item to anyone who needs a monitor. I would purchase this item again.

Recommended purchase.

After receiving the product, I have to say that it is as accurate as hospital monitoring. The data I measured is basically the same as what I tested in the hospital. And this product is also very easy to use, font size should be taken care of the elderly. The color system can directly reflect the physical condition. Recommended purchase.
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make me think this product is very good.

At the beginning of the test, the data deviation was very serious, and it was found after carefully reading the instructions. It's because it's not measured in the right position. The data of later tests are all normal. If it can be changed to use batteries (AAA batteries are used now), there are two data memory systems that make me think this product is very good.

Easy to use

It’s easy to use and very accurate. It’s much better than my previous one. It has many settings which make it convenient even if more than one people are using it.


This one I brought is a wrist measure, very small convenient to carry when travel. More easy for my mother to use . Good shopping experience

Helpful!It's fast, simple and easy to use. Highly recommend.

This blood pressure monitor is really helpful for those who need to keep track of their blood pressure. It's fast, simple and easy to use. Highly recommend.